Europe's future lies with its young people, and that is why they should be interested in the activity of the EU. Historical enlargement, in 2004, is an occassion for many youths to take part in building better Europe. What is more, they should start doing it now – contributing to that enlargement.
The first and the easiest thing that young people can do is learning languages. Being a real citizen of the European Union means being able to communicate with other inhabitants of our continent. During the European Year of Languages, in 2001, many youths realised their potential and were encouraged to learn foreign languages. There are still a lot of programmes which give them occassion to think of their future.
To make our continent more open and subsequently safer, people should meet their neighbours from other countries. Teenagers from Europe can take part in programmes like ‘Youth for Europe’, exchange opinions and talk about their countries. This would lead to vanishing racism, xenophobia, etc. It gives us an opportunity of living on peacful and safe continent. Thanks to such activities people from accession countries will be able to make their decisions with awarness and optimism. Moreover, the present citizens of the European countries will be also more optimistic about the enlargement.
Young people can also contribute by participating in the activities of European clubs. I am a member of such a club and it gives me the opportunities of learning something about the EU, meeting people from other countries and participating in events concerning the Union. During the whole year, I learned what the advantages and disadvantages of the enlargement are, I know how the negotiations are led and I was involved in a number of cultural events.
To sum up, we, the young people, will be shaping Europe and that is why we should contribute to the enlargement in every possible way. It is not only the chance for the European countries but also for us, the young representatives.

Natalia Mielech

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