My house and family,my locality,my country which shows me the values which are most important to me?

On which values I would like to build my own future, the future of my country in the European Union.

Everybody for whom our country is important should care about it only then our country can be ‘milk and honey flowing’ and everybody will look forward to the future with optimism.
What does our reality look today? There is a lot to write about. We are a country with young demcracy. Our society is just learning to work in the new reality. But a lot depends on us, we are to decide what Poland will be like in one, two or fifty years. The future of my motherland depends also on me. I and my family and all small parts of society are the base. Everybody represents themselves and his or her family. Our homes shape our characters, parents bring us up and teach us values which we will follow in adult live.
You can ask what values are these? The most important value is love. What would my world be like if I did not love my family? I know there are families in which love is only an empty word. There is no close relation between parents and children, no frankness and no tolerance. In many families parents do not have time for children and their problems. They are occupied with thieir own career and with earning money. But their wealth has no value. Children do not have support and confidence, they often simply do not respect parents. Family has to be the base and future of our nation. Love, confidence, kindness, frankness, respect and tolerance have to pass from one generation to another. Everyone, children, parents and grandparents, has to think about family, about themselves, about education, work, but also about finding time to help others. In a country like ours one does not live for oneself. There are educated rich and happy people, but there are also poor people without a job, and even without a roof over the head. The State should look for possibilities to solve all problems, but we have to be sensible too. Even a one złoty coin given for a charity can help. We have to share with other people. The base of society is a loving family whose members respect children and adults. Otherwise members of such a family are enemies of society.
As well as my family, my hometown teaches me values. I would not exchange Cracow for other, even the most splendid city in Poland or in Europe. Here I was born, my family originates from here too. Cracow with its history, monuments, for example the Wawel Castle, St Mary’s Church, and traditions like the bugle call or Lajkonik (which are well-known around the world) is for me most splendid. Here one can learn to work and and to rest. However, there are things in my city which should be chahged. I do not mean the change of the name of the Old Town or chaning buildings into shiny sky – scrapers. It is necessary to solve the problems with pollution, communication arrangement and safety. It is necessary to solve the problems of growing unemployment and take care of men without work and homeless people. Even in my housing estate one can meet homeless people seeking, especially in winter, warm places and food.
Families, cities and villages form our country – Poland. We are safe and we have friends all round the world. Several years ago we entered the NATO, now we try to become part of the European Union. But there is still a lot to do. Our legislation, economy and many other things have to be changed according to the European law. Similary it is necessary to lower the unemployment level, diminish the budget deficit, to make our lives more wealthy and safer. But Polish people have to remember that becoming part of the Union does not mean loosing national identity, culture, history. I want our country to be a member of the Union because I think it will help us.
But being Europeans we have to remember that we are Poles too. The European Instituions will not destroy our identity. Our Cracow will always be ours. Our families should still try to teach new generations our history, tradition and culture.
The base of my future should be the values connected with my family, city and country and not only, the good ones but also the ones that have to be improved. For me Cracow should always be Cracow, Poland will be Poland and my home will stay the sweatest place no matter what.

Marcin Nowak

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