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I am an owner-manager who is setting up my own business. I would like to be a wholesaler who trades cosmetics. I prefer to be the owner because then I am responsible for everything. I have total control over my business. I can olso make decisions myself. Then I will be independent. I think this is the simplest way of starting a business. To sum up, if I am self-employed I will be entirely responsible for all aspects of the management of my business. I have already worked as an employee in two different companies, where I was involved in marketing and customer service. I would like to deal in cosmetics because there are things which a majority of people use.People spend much money on cosmetics. Therefore I think that I can do that kind of business. It seems to me that the cosmetic market is growing all the time. I will try to get my merchandise delivered on time. In my opinion Customer Research will be a good way of obtaining information. I would like to make a survey and have some people fill the questionnaire in.
1. Sex:
A: Male,B: Female
2. Age:
A: 15-20,B: 21-35,C: 36-50,D: over 60
3. How much money do you spend on cosmetics per month?
A: 0-50zł,B: 51-100zł, C: 101-200zł,D: over 200
4. Why do you buy cosmetics?
A: I use them,B: I buy them for a gift
5. Which brans do you buy?
A: Coty,B: Polena Eva,C: Dax Cosmetics, D: Beiersdorf, E: Others
6. What do you like about this products?
A: Price,B: Fragrance, C: Others
7. Where do you buy them?
A: Supermarket, B: Drugstore, C: Others
8. Why do you buy them?
A: Fragrance, B: Health reasons, C: Price, D: Other reason

Now I would like to analyse the marketing mix. ‘The Four Ps’ is a blend of four components: product, price, promotion and place. I would like discuss each of them.
I decided that the channel of distribution will include wholesalers who sell products to other firms for resale, and olso retailers, who sell directly to the public. I prefer that there these should be specialist stores like cosmetics stores. I would like to receive products from a factory or a national wholesaler. The location should be in the suburbs of big cities. I would choose Warsaw because there is a market where I can find customers. On the outskirts I can find buildings with warehauses. Moreover, transport should not be a problem.
Firstly I think that publicity will be a good way of promoting the product. I would like to inform people (sales representatives) who will go to the shops and wholesalers and inform them about the sales. Next I intend to lead in sales promotion in the best shops.
Firstly price should be competetive because then I would win customers. Moreover, I do not want to achieve high profits immediately. I prefer low prices because then I will not have any problems with entering the market.
My products will be convenience goods because then I have not any problems when I would like to sell these products. People generally use cosmetics and the majority of them spend much money on cosmetics.

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